Karma County are an Australian band whose first show was in 1995 at Sydney's Harbourside Brasserie. They have gone on to tour worldwide, and appear on Australian and international television in support of their 5 acclaimed album releases. 2015 marks the 20th year since their formation. It has been 3 years since their last performance together...

Karma County One Only Shows 2012

In November 2012 there were two very special shows. Clancy's Fish Bar in Fremantle, WA and Notes In Newtown, Sydney. Joining original members Brendan Gallagher, Michael Galeazzi and Stuart Eadie was long time friend and music legend Stu Hunter on keys (Stu has played on nearly all Karma County’s albums). The shows were wonderful and re-united Karma County fans from all over the country.

Video Clips On Line Now

Finally all 7 Karma County videos are online. There's clips that the band haven't even seen until now. Thanks to Al Jones who has digitized the vids and put them up on Vimeo and Youtube To check out clips for Postcard, Told You So, This is Not The Real World, Good Things Come To Me Now, The Men Who Ran Away From The Circus, Secret Country and Dexter & Sinestra. Click here

Open Tuning Chord Book For Guitar

For more info on Brendan Gallagher's handy book on Open Tuning Click here

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